The Hive

A community that has your back and a strategist in your back pocket.

Let’s build the community we’ve always dreamed about.

This is the community I wish existed when I started my business nearly 8 years ago. This is a space where you’ll come to learn strategies on leveling up your brand and finding more sustainability in your business.

As a founding member of The Hive, you’ll also have a say in what we cover in our community calls. After all, I’m creating this group for you!

So what do you say? Let’s build something meaningful together.

While I would love to build a community for each and every business owner out there, I’m uniquely qualified to help service providers and small businesses and that’s exactly who The Hive is designed for.

Google isn’t always the answer.

We’ve all been there with a business question that we’re trying to get to the bottom of and we turn to Google only to be swept into a black hole of conflicting information. Let’s be honest, it’s not efficient or encouraging. 

How about having a strategist in your back pocket and a community that has your back? 

That’s what you’ll find here:

A private community forum where you’ll be able to post your questions where I’ll actively respond to posts

Monthly calls with your personal brand coach (that’s me!) tailored around a particular topic 

Quarterly hot seats to get one-on-one feedback about your business 

Community support from other members

Here’s the deal: I’ve been running my business for nearly 8 years and I’m a natural introvert.

Over the years I’ve collected many people in my life and most happen to be entrepreneurs. They just get it. We can talk business and share in the weight that comes with business ownership. 

But you might be feeling like that’s not the case for you. Perhaps you don’t have anyone who relates in your life or you simply don’t feel as comfortable talking business within your circles. 

Good news: you’re welcome here and I can’t wait to gab all things business with you.

Before we get into the everything you can expect in the Hive, allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Colleen and I’m the founder of Honeycomb. Anyone who knows me well can tell you one thing right away: I’m a talker. I’ll blame that one on my southern roots. 

My journey with entrepreneurship started when I was 4. That’s the first time I remember envisioning myself as a business owner. Fast forward to 16 when I started my first business “Callie’s Cakes” and then again to 22 when I founded Honeycomb. 

I’m a natural introvert with a big heart for people and with each step along my journey I’ve done it “my way”. This community is part brand coaching, part pulling back the curtain on my own business journey. 

I’m excited to share what I’ve learned over the past 8 years growing Honeycomb and how we’ve reverse-engineered the business to support sustainability and our mental health. 

Here we don’t sugar-coat, gloss over, or steer away from the hard conversations or the learning lessons. I’m not only hear to coach you, I’m here to learn from you. 

The Hive

A community for service providers and small business owners.

one monthly call

Each call will happen live covering our topic of the month and be available as a recording for members in our member forum. 

First dibs on new resources

Members will receive first dibs on free or paid resources we release and have a say in what we create in our content. 

Private community

You’ll have access to our private community where you can post questions and receive feedback. 

Discount on hive sessions

Want more one-on-one support? As a member, you’ll receive a discount on Hive coaching sessions. 

Quarterly hot seats

Each quarter we will conduct hot seats where members can submit something they’d like feedback on and I’ll provide insights live on our call.

Let’s build the community we’ve always dreamed about.