We're proud to be a 2023 Indigo Award Winner for Branding and Website Design

We partner with businesses to build an online presence

that tells a story

increases conversions

deepens customer relationships

So you can sell more to the people who want your products most

Standout brands don’t happen by mistake

…and standout brands are rarely mistaken.

“It doesn’t matter how amazing your products or services are if no one is listening.” – Callie

However, behind the scenes most brands look like this...

Cookie-cutter branding, outdated websites, misaligned messaging and cobbled together systems.

And we totally get that, you have A LOT on your plate

And if you’re like most of our clients, refreshing your brand is not high on the list. Not to mention the overwhelm that sinks in thinking about when you’ll find the time to do it yourself.

What if there was a better way?

Having a clear strategy and coherent story that resonates with your audience turns your online presence into something like this

So rather than taking a "see what sticks" approach to your brand experience...

It’s time to craft a thoughtful, strategic experience that will wow you AND your customers.

That's where we come in

Whether you are launching a brand, an online store or email campaign, each deliverable is tailor-made for you and your business goals.

That’s why our process doesn’t start with deliverables, it starts with our signature brand discovery workshop to uncover your goals and brand vision.

What you’ll find here isn’t an agency, it’s a partnership with a small (but mighty) team of people who care deeply about your success.

Custom Brand + Website Design

Brand in a Week

Launching a new business or need a refresh to your current brand? Using our signature framework as a guide, our team will design a custom brand and website for you in just 5 days. 

coming soon!

DIY My Shopify

After 5 years of designing bespoke Shopify stores, we’ve developed our own theme designed for direct-to-consumer brands. Grounded in best-practices and with an emphasis on brand, our theme is designed to launch quickly so you can iterate often. 

remote marketing team

Grow Your Hive

Specializing in email, SMS and Pinterest marketing, our team acts as an extension of yours. Take growth marketing off your plate for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

We’re the marketing team you’ve been dreaming about

I'm Callie - founder and CEO of Honeycomb

When it comes to showing up online in a way that champions your values and building a business that sustainably supports you, you’ll find few people more passionate than me and my team.

We spend our days helping brands and business owners think and grow strategically. From time-tested strategies to leveraging new technology, we seek balance in all we do.

We understand that growing a business requires more than tools to scale, it requires a clear mind. We are champions of mental health and encourage balance not only for our team but for our clients as well.

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