We create, nurture, and grow brands.

Honeycomb is a design and brand consulting firm rooted in the belief that a successful business begins with a strong brand and thrives through sustainable business practices.

Great brands are unique,

like the people behind them.

The best brands are timeless and fully own who they are. We build brands with personality, taste, and authenticity. We partner with the humans behind them to build brands that last.

None of our work looks the same and that's the point .

Every brand, website, or marketing touchpoint is designed specifically with our client’s customer and vision in mind. That means none of our work looks the same because no two clients are the same.

Some may call that bespoke or boutique, around here we just call that our standard. 

It’s time to build a brand you (and your customers) are obsessed with.

Here's how:


Brand in a Week

Our signature Honeycomb experience where we’ll work together to craft a memorable and strategic brand in just 5 days.


Done-For-You Marketing

Our monthly, ongoing marketing service is designed for solopreneurs and small business owners looking for extra support in growing their businesses.


The Hive

Our community for entrepreneurs with monthly teachings, resources, and community focused on holistically supporting your business.

What you’ll find here isn’t an agency, it’s a partnership with a small (but mighty) team of people who care deeply about your success.

Since we aren’t a traditional marketing agency we can provide a white-glove personalized service for every one of our clients. Think of us as your concierge brand advisor, because that’s who we are.