Brand in a Week

5 Days to a brand that connects with your customers and accelerates your business. 

You are one week away from a brand you’ll love and a website you’ll feel confident in.

A strategic, cohesive brand that’s used well and often will serve you for years to come. That’s why we provide you with the tools, templates, and strategies to make the most of your new brand and website. So the momentum continues well after your launch. 

Gather your ideas and we'll bring them to life.

Not sure if this is right for you?

Do you...

Have a strong vision for your business but struggle with conveying that in your brand

Feel embarrassed about your website and find yourself not promoting it anymore

Feel a shift in your services or offerings and your brand no longer feels aligned 

Want to attract clients or customers that will instantly feel connected to you and your brand 

Odds are high that you’ve already tried…

Putting off working on your brand because you aren’t sure where to start 

DIYing your brand and website only to find yourself frustrated 

Endless searching for templates but never finding anything that feels like “you” 

Courses that feel overwhelming to implement

Hiring another creative but weren’t fully satisfied with the result 

What if you could have all of this instead?

A brand coach and designer dedicated to not only bringing your vision to life but amplifying it. 

Clarity and renewed confidence about where your brand is headed.

A fully transparent project workflow so you know what’s happening every step of the way 

Ongoing support if and when you need it, we’re always here for you! 

A bespoke brand suite that reflects who you are and a guide to help you use it

A website that is not only strategic, it’s SEO-friendly, easy-to-update and accessible 

All the tutorials and templates you need to update your website yourself. Most updates take less time than ordering your morning coffee

How does that sound?

Don't believe me?

hear it from our clients:

In 2020, I found myself faced with severe burnout…and 16 open client projects.

Not a typo, I had 16 clients to balance at one time, alone.

I had no idea how I got there. My business felt out of control and the line between my personal and business life was blurred beyond recognition.

The projects were drawn out for weeks

Balancing multiple projects at a time meant my attention was divided between clients

My days started early, ended late and work stretched into the weekends

Deliverables were diluted by endless revisions

Our clients were satisfied but by the time a project was over, I was creatively drained. 

There had to be a better way.

I covered my walls with giant sticky notes and spent my morning walks dreaming up a new vision for my business.

I turned over my entire business and beta-tested a new process:

Brand in a Week

I’d never seen a process like this, but I set out to explore what might happen when I created an accelerated but not diluted brand and website design process. 

My hypothesis was this: if you strip away anything unnecessary from the design process, ask the right questions, and use flow state and deep work to fuel the creative process, you can build a strategic and aligned brand in one week. 

Our beta test clients LOVED it and I felt more creatively inspired than I had in years! Since then I’ve worked with dozens of clients to create, amplify, and launch their brands through this process.  

Brand in a Week is part brand bootcamp and part design sprint.

A collaborative experience where you tell us the vision for your brand and we bring it to life in ways you could never imagine. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to a brand you want to shout from the (virtual) rooftops. 

Here's how we do that:

Brand Boot Camp

Our foundational prep work is both a reflective exercise and an opportunity to expand the vision for your business. We use the foundational prep work to develop copy, strategize, and develop your new brand. 

Brand Workshop

Before we kick off, we’ll meet virtually for a 1-hour workshop to answer questions, discuss the vision for your brand, and set expectations for our week together. 

Brand in a Week

Our 5-Day Sprint where we design, develop, and pass off your new brand to you.

Here's the buzzz...

Your Brand in a Week Includes:

Brand Suite

1 Logo

1 Secondary logo



Color palette

style guide


Up to 6 pages

Basic SEO

Basic Accessibility Features

top-tier hosting on wpengine

2 Opportunities for revisions

Guides, templates, and tutorials to maximize your new brand

Private Client Dashboard where you can track project progress and ask questions 

Enhance Your Experience

Note that additions to the experience will be quoted in your proposal and additional time may be needed. 

Name Development


Additional Pages

Client Experience

Email Templates

Social Templates

Website Maintenance


Marketing strategy

Launch Strategy

Additional Collateral

The results speak for themselves...


brand in a week | $9,750

Pay In Full – $500 OFF 

Payment Plans – 2, 4, or 12 payments

website in a week | $6,500

Pay In Full – $250 OFF 

Payment Plans – 2, 4, or 12 payments

Imagine yourself saying things like…

Play Video
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Does it really only take 5 days?

Yes, we deliver everything included within your Brand in a Week in five days. The exception to this guarantee is add-ons to your experience which will be quoted in your proposal. 

How much time will I need during brand in a week?

You’ll need to allot 1 hour the week prior to Brand in a Week for your brand workshop. Throughout the week you’ll provide two rounds of feedback. Most clients need around an hour for each round of feedback. Finally, our wrap-up call lasts around 30 minutes. We recommend being available for 4 hours throughout your Brand in a Week.  

How far in advance do I need to book?

You’ll need to allot 1 hour the week prior to Brand in a Week for your brand workshop. Throughout the week you’ll provide two rounds of feedback. Most clients need around an hour for each round of feedback. Finally, our wrap-up call lasts around 30 minutes. We recommend being available for 4 hours throughout your Brand in a Week.  

Do you offer payment plans?

We offer several options to provide flexibility for your business. If you pay in full, you’ll receive $500 off for Brand in a Week and $250 off Website in a Week. If you’d like flexibility in your payments, you’ll be able to choose between 2, 4, or 12 payments when you move forward with your proposal. 

How many brands in a week do you take on at a time?

We take on only one client at a time. During your Brand in a Week, you are our sole focus. 

Will I be able to provide design direction?

During your brand boot camp, you’ll provide brand inspiration and we use this as a jumping-off point for developing your brand. 

What will my website be built on?

We build all of our websites on WordPress and utilize WPEngine as our host. We utilize Elementor to create websites that are easy to edit, most edits take less time than ordering your morning coffee. 

Does this include website hosting?

The investment for Brand in a Week does not include hosting. We offer two hosting options for Brand in a Week clients. You can choose between hosting only and hosting plus access to The Hive, our community for service providers and small business owners. 

Why do we offer hosting? As partners with WPEngine, you are able to access premium features at a discounted rate for you. You’ll receive priority chat support, automated plugin updates, top-notch security, and a dedicated account representative. All of that means peace of mind knowing your website is taken care of and you have a team looking out for you! 

Can you help me with strategy on my business?

Yes! We love to strategize about your products or services. During our discovery call, we will discuss your business and suggest a number of Hive Sessions to develop a strategy for your services or products. 

This process has the power to transform the way you see your business.

You deserve to slow down and dedicate one week to aligning your brand with the vision in your mind. Let’s build something meaningful and designed to last.