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Your Guide to a Profitable Holiday Season: The 2021 Holiday Marketing Guide

Last year was a year like no other and the holiday season was one we never expected. As I was working with clients I realized just how tough it was to market or even know what to do. So I created the 2020 Holiday Marketing Guide as a way of sharing some tips and tricks that may help clear the fog for small businesses.

As we return to a sense of normalcy, there are still numerous challenges for the holiday season ahead. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be blissful, impactful AND profitable.

This year I challenged myself to dig deep and share as much as possible so you can take action not just in this holiday season, but throughout all of your marketing next year.

Enter: The 2021 Holiday Marketing Guide. She’s over 50 pages of strategies, worksheets and tactics to help you prepare for the holiday season in a meaningful way.

So what are you going to learn?

Creating Your Marketing Plan | You’ll learn how to set your goals and follow our framework to create your marketing calendar as well as learn tactics you can leverage for more reach.

Setting Up Your Marketing Channels | We’ll teach you how to set up your marketing channels, deep dive on email segmentation and building your list as well as the how to behind creating a content plan.

Optimizing Your Website for Conversions | Take a deep dive on learning how to optimize your website, increase order value and conversions and the nitty gritty behind high-converting sites.

Deep Dive on Creating AMAZING Marketing | Navigate planning a brand photoshoot, step-by-step email and text campaign development, and how to repurpose content for social media.

Creating an Action Plan You’ll Stick To | Use our templates and worksheets to develop and action plan you’ll stick too as well as prompts for reflection once the holiday season is over.

PLUS you’ll receive several bonuses:

  • High Converting Email Templates for Klaviyo or Mailchimp
  • Shopify Header Templates for Desktop and Mobile
  • A Trello Template for Action Planning
  • Editable Shipping Deadline Graphics
  • KPI Spreadsheet for Goal Tracking

Here’s the deal: I don’t just want to help you have an amazing holiday season. I created this guide to share my evergreen strategies for your year-round marketing so you can increase conversions, build audiences and create better profits all. year. long.

It’s time to get strategic and you don’t have to do it alone. Let’s grow your business together! Secure your copy of the Holiday Marketing Guide for just $19 right now.

Your Guide to a Profitable Holiday Season: The 2021 Holiday Marketing Guide

Meet the Author

Callie Kerbo is an award winning solopreneur based in Austin, Texas. She is the Founder of Honeycomb, and specialises in branding your business to make you unforgettable. You can find her here.

Honeycomb is a full service boutique brand partner, offering concept-to-launch marketing services for startups and growth-stage businesses. Founded on the belief that beautiful design is only as powerful as the business strategy behind it, Callie works to find what makes your business irreplaceable and then develop a creative branding strategy to help share it with the world. By the time your customers find you, they will have only one thing to say: “Wow.” 

From napkin drawings of a concept to long-standing businesses, Honeycomb helps businesses of every scale reach their goals and grow their businesses.

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