Shopify Design + Management

For brands who are interested in leveling up their Shopify store design and eCommerce strategy

How many hours a day do you spend thinking about your brand?

As brand strategists we immerse ourselves in our client’s brands, treating them like they’re our own. We’ve worked on the Shopify platform for nearly 7 years and most of our clients come to us feeling like..

Their store performance is tanking and they aren't sure why

Their brand isn't reaching the right customers and their aesthetic needs a refresh

their theme is complicated to manage and can't be customized to tell their story effectively

they are overwhelmed by running their business that things like email marketing and Pinterest just don't happen

At Honeycomb, we’re in the business of taking things off your plate. We spend our time perfecting marketing strategies and building brands our clients are obsessed with.

We're not here to offer a temporary solution.

We’re here to help you dig deep and explore your unique purpose. We then use our expertise to reflect your personal discoveries into your online presence. Our framework guides you through a series of questions that requires you to think more intentionally and honestly about how you wish to tell your story to the world. We don’t just stop at your website; we look at every aspect of your business to ensure your brand is reflected at every touchpoint.


Our Solutions


The goal of our audit is analyzing the overall health of your website. The audit will focus on several key areas that push the needle for conversions. Our final report will include all of our findings, data and recommendations.


We design stores that not only look beautiful and rooted in strategy. We offer two design routes: semi-custom built on our own in-house Shopify theme or fully custom stores.  


Imagine having your own marketing team. Specializing in email, SMS and Pinterest marketing, our team acts as an extension of yours. Take growth marketing off your plate for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

I founded Honeycomb six years ago on the belief that businesses not only deserved top notch branding and marketing but a creative partner to walk alongside them. Too often it felt like agencies would churn and burn through clients leaving them on their own to maintain the complex systems they created.

I set out to create a client experience that was as hands on as it was empowering for the businesses who work with me. It’s true that my clients come to me for design, but I hope to leave them more empowered to think strategically and holistically about their businesses and with all the tools they need for success.

I’ve been fortunate to be a part of 90 business journeys so far and now I hope to be part of yours. You in?

Callie Kerbo | CEO

About Honeycomb

Honeycomb is a full service boutique brand partner, offering concept-to-launch brand and marketing services. From napkin drawings of a concept to long-standing businesses, Honeycomb helps organizations of every scale reach their goals and grow their businesses.  

Founder and CEO, Callie Kerbo is an award winning brand strategist whose small town Tennessee roots are strongly tied to her motivation and focus in supporting small and growing businesses. This is demonstrated by her extremely high care factor, high touch point with her clients and ongoing support during a business’s launch.  

Partner and Adviser Christopher Enea, brings his strong data analytics background to support Honeycomb clients in understanding and visualizing the key metrics in their businesses. His project management  and development experience keeps Honeycomb on the forefront of innovation and enriches each client project.