A Shopify Theme and Course

for brands ready to tell your story meaningfully, launch quickly and iterate like you mean it.

We create brands you'll be obsessed with.

We create brands you'll be obsessed with.

We create brands you'll be obsessed with.

We create brands you'll be obsessed with.

We get it, there’s a lot on your plate and when you are juggling increasing cost and complexity to stay relevant and grow…

Taking a step back to craft your brand experience takes a back burner

Product Development


marketing agency

ad spend

website maintenance



software fees


The internet doesn’t need another boilerplate store, it needs your story.

In the pursuit of best practices, appeasing algorithms and chasing trends brands have lost their sense of individuality.

We’re creating a suite of tools for brand owners who are serious about connecting with their customers, elevating their customer experience and optimize their store design. 



Our obsession with brand meets your desire to grow

We’ve married our experience building custom Shopify themes and our passion for brand strategy into powerful tools to level up your store quickly, saving you thousands in development and time.

DIY My Shopify is a strategically designed theme and online course for anyone who wants to launch quickly and tell their story in a way that reaches their customers.

We’re placing the power is in your hands, you’ll be able to customize everything from your header to your cart page, so you can create an online experience that’s just right for you and your customers.

your path to more customers

Meet your shopify power duo

With our easy-to-use theme and helpful tutorials, you’ll be able to create a Shopify store that looks great and functions perfectly – without any coding required. Plus, our team is always available to answer any questions or help with troubleshooting, so you’ll never feel lost or confused. 

The Theme

Many themes in the Shopify theme store utilize “cool features” that while compelling often leave story and brand lacking. We want to change that. Your brand is more than a few cool features, it is dynamic and complex with a unique story to tell. 

At the forefront of our theme is not extensive features that can be patched together, it is an emphasis on brand and product so you can focus on what matter most to your customer.  

Not only will you receive a theme that is fast, easy-to-edit and modern, but you’ll also receive training, tools and templates from Callie that will help you grow. 

The Course

Over the past six years our CEO Callie has worked with over 70 businesses to strategize, brand and level up their visual identities. 

She’s combined her learnings, personal best practices and strategies into 9 modules and over 40 lessons. 

Not only will you find step-by-step tutorials for implementing your theme. She’s also sharing her best mindset, business and marketing strategies to address your business holistically. 

You’ll walk away armed with templates, tools and strategies that will serve you in the short and long term.

Meet the Duo Behind DIY My Shopify

Callie founded Honeycomb six years ago with the goal of helping small business owners refine their online presence. After teaching herself how to build and customize Shopify stores, she found a new passion for assisting online business owners with creating beautiful, strategic stores.

In 2021, Shopify released Online Store 2.0 which brought a new level of customization and ease to the platform. It transformed the way themes functioned and after many years of dreaming about her own theme, Callie decided to take the leap. Together with her partner (in life and business), Chris, they’ve developed the beta version of their theme specifically designed for brand owners. 

With Callie’s brand expertise and Chris’ technical background, the two have developed a theme they are immensely proud of and excited to expand upon. 

Our beta is limited to 25 spots and opens soon!

The waitlist will get first dibs and receive exclusive bonuses. If you want to be the first to try the theme out and provide feedback for future product releases, sign up below!