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Scale your online


store with ease.


Our custom Shopify theme development and marketing services provide you with all the tools you need to scale and the team to help you do it!

We create brands you'll be obsessed with.

We create brands you'll be obsessed with.

We create brands you'll be obsessed with.

We create brands you'll be obsessed with.

Standout brands don’t happen by mistake.

Let me guess, you’ve got big goals for your online store. But you’re also sourcing products, taking photos, posting to Instagram, managing inventory, and shipping packages. 

We see the work you are putting into running your online store and we want to help you so you can reach those big goals of yours.

At Honeycomb, we’re in the business of taking things off your plate. We spend our time perfecting marketing strategies and building brands our clients are obsessed with. 
The best part?
You won’t have to do it alone. 
Our team will be here to coach you every step of the way.

We’re not here to offer you a temporary solution.

We’re here to help you dig deep and explore your unique positioning. We then use our expertise to reflect your personal discoveries into your online presence. We don’t just stop at your website; we look at every aspect of your business to ensure your brand is reflected at every touchpoint.

You’ll be armed with templates, tools, and resources to deliver an elevated, high-converting and aligned customer experience that will WOW.

your path to more customers

our shopify services

With our Signature Experience you will truly receive the full Honeycomb treatment with field-tested brand strategy and  high-converting web design as well as expert consulting on  making the most of your new website.  

Our process begins with my signature framework for crafting a compelling and conversion driven brand and website strategy. Then we will design a striking, modern, user-friendly website that highlights your products and not only leads to online sales but also builds brand loyalty through storytelling. With each Honeycomb custom theme design, we analyze the exact needs of your store and develop a site that exceeds your customer’s (and your own!) expectations!  

Throughout the entire project you’ll receive coaching and consulting with Callie who will help you clarify and maximize your new website on all your channels. 

Imagine having...

Custom Shopify Themes

Our signature custom themes developed specifically with your store and goals in mind. All of our themes are easy to edit, include templates for sections, pages and products, and will include a full training library.

each project is customized to your needs and will receive a custom quote. Themes start at $7,500

Ongoing Marketing Management

We take on a limited number of clients each year for whom we act as a fractional marketing department.

marketing retainers start at $850 per month and can include:

Email and Text Marketing

Pinterest Management

Marketing Strategy and Analytics

My core purpose in life is bringing as much beauty into the world as possible.

That will always be my driving force. I believe when we create beautiful things and share them with the world, we become more connected with one another. I’ve always had an innate sense of which direction someone should go -– a creative hunch, if you will. Over the years, I’ve refined that skill and translated it into over 70 different projects across 30 different industries. My secret weapon is knowing the right questions to ask. 

If we haven't met, my name is Callie and I started Honeycomb six years ago with the goal of helping small business owners refine their online presence.

A few years back, I distinctly remember stepping back one day and asking “How in the world did I get here? This isn’t the business I wanted to build”. So I started the painful process of peeling back the layers, shedding so much of what I felt like I “needed” to do and pursuing only what felt aligned for my business in order to create a life that I loved. After all, I didn’t create this business to spend my best days behind a computer. Layer by layer, day by day, I’m getting closer to those “someday it will be better” longings when I first started my business.

We shouldn't do business alone and we can all achieve our own version of "enough" within our businesses and lives.

It's time to create a brand you're obsessed with

It is natural to feel nervous when you are launching your ideas out into the world. Together, we will develop a site that you’ll be proud to show off and the only tears will be happy ones!