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Tomorrow we wake up in 2021 and say “Goodbye and please never come back” to 2020. No one was spared from the sadness and grief of the past year and we’ve reckoned with injustices, historic elections, and widespread inequities all while trying to stay safe from a global pandemic. It’s been a long, hard year. […]

An Honest Reflection of My 2020 Goals

2018: Cultivate 2019: Boundaries 2020: Refine Each year after reflecting and setting a few goals, I choose a word that reflects the change I want to see in that year. Each year and each word represents an opportunity for growth. In 2018, I sought to cultivate a beautiful life inside and outside of the office. […]

My 2021 Word of the Year

Flash back to last year: I’ve poured my morning cold brew, FRIENDS plays in the background and I’m perched on the couch with my computer open ready to work. Except…it’s Saturday and this isn’t a rare occurrence. This is my normal. I’ve always been a hard worker but when I quit my job to run […]

A Guide to Stop Working on the Weekends

Back in May, on the corner of burnout and breakdown, I blurted out to my partner, “Something needs to change. I can’t keep doing this”. To be clear: I wasn’t talking about our relationship. Our relationship is wonderful, it was my career that was flying off the rails. I did the mental math: 16 clients, […]

Reclaim Your Time: How to Set Boundaries as an Entrepreneur