I believe that bold people and businesses change the world and I want to tell their stories. That's why I built honeycomb. 

let's dive in

So what's the deal with the name Honeycomb?

In a hive, each bee has a job to do and they work in unison towards a goal. That's how I look at business. Businesses do not operate as silos, everything is interconnected. Every part of the business has it's purpose and when each part works together, that's when you make your own honey. 

Who We Serve

Meet some of honeycomb’s clients. These are brilliant people with ideas set to change the world. While our clients may work in over twenty different industries nationwide, they all share commonalities.

Purpose driven | Solopreneurs + Small teams | Goal oriented | People focuseD

Purpose driven
Solopreneurs + Small teams
Goal oriented
People focuseD

Callie Kerbo is a brand and digital marketing strategist who is single-handedly changing the way we think about branding strategy. Callie founded Honeycomb | Brand + Strategy five years ago with the belief that every business not only deserves top-notch branding, but a creative partner to walk beside them, without an exorbitant price tag.

She seeks out what makes a company special and harnesses it in their brand. Using her passion for storytelling and creating memorable experiences for customers is what attracts her clientele, from startups to long-standing businesses.

Callie’s small town Tennessee roots are strongly tied to her motivation and focus in supporting small businesses. This is demonstrated by her extremely high care factor, high touch point with her clients and ongoing support during a business’s launch. 

fast facts about callie

I geek out on...

Product design, packaging, and anything in miniature



Software I can't live without...

GSuite. I would be lost without the ability to collaborate or communicate effectively.

Growing up I wanted to be...

A Chef! Despite pivoting in another direction, I still love to cook and am an avid home chef. My favorite recipe? Cabernet braised short ribs.

Favorite Austin coffee shop...

Better Half is my go-to spot and Swedish Hill comes in close to the top. We are so lucky to have incredible coffee shops on every corner. 

Playing in the background while I work...

Music is so much a part of my creative process and digging into my work. I love ethereal music while I work and often listen to Novo Amor, Bon Iver, or Sleeping at Last.

Outside of work I love to...

Get outside, try new restaurants, and find DIY projects to fill my weekends. 

They are brilliant creatives, strategists and executives.
Meet our Hive.