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4 Reasons to Get Clear About Your Customer

How well do you know your customer? Uncovering your ideal customer is one of the first and most important foundational elements we analyze with any new project. Here are the four reasons it’s critical that you understand who you are talking to:

CLARITY: Knowing your customer gives you clarity about who you’re reaching. Instead of trying a million different strategies to see what works and playing a guessing game about your marketing, you start by asking questions to understand how your customer behaves and what they care about. By getting to know them, you understand how to best reach them. Instead of just trying a strategy and hoping for the best, you’re experimenting with a strategy that is more likely to resonate with your ideal customer. 

MAKE QUICK DECISIONS: Whenever you are talking directly to the right customer, you’ll be able to make better decisions with your marketing. We have a limited amount of time and money to use in our marketing and we want to make sure that we maximize both of those. By getting really clear on who you’re trying to reach, you’ll be a lot more effective both with your time and the money that you’re spending on ads or influencer marketing or reaching those customers through some sort of paid channel. 

BREAK THROUGH THE NOISE: There’s a lot of noise out there and there’s likely a lot of people in your industry who are trying to reach those very same customers that you’re trying to reach. Instead of trying to have someone understand who you are, you want your customer to feel like they’re understood by you, that you understand their needs. So rather than trying to make it about yourself, we want to center our messaging around the customer. How you are going to bring them along the journey and make their life better? Taking a consumer focused approach will allow you to then break through the noise. Everyone else is shouting over here and you’re talking directly to the customer in the way they want to be talked to. You’ve got sort of a front row seat to their attention. 

LEAD WITH CONFIDENCE: Knowing and understanding all of these things: gaining clarity and getting really clear on who you are reaching is going to give you the confidence to move forward in your business. You’re not feeling like you’re in the dark about your marketing. You won’t be asking, “Is this thing working? Is it not working? Am I pouring money into the black hole of Facebook ads?” No, you are really clear on who you’re reaching which allows you to lead with confidence, take more risks, be more adventurous in the marketing efforts that you’re doing.

4 Reasons to Get Clear About Your Customer

Meet the Author

Callie Kerbo is an award winning solopreneur based in Austin, Texas. She is the Founder of Honeycomb, and specialises in branding your business to make you unforgettable. You can find her here.

Honeycomb is a full service boutique brand partner, offering concept-to-launch marketing services for startups and growth-stage businesses. Founded on the belief that beautiful design is only as powerful as the business strategy behind it, Callie works to find what makes your business irreplaceable and then develop a creative branding strategy to help share it with the world. By the time your customers find you, they will have only one thing to say: “Wow.” 

From napkin drawings of a concept to long-standing businesses, Honeycomb helps businesses of every scale reach their goals and grow their businesses.

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